Holly Stanton

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Welcome to the website. We are happy to say we have some new music to share. When I say we, I mean me, Holly and my friend and music partner Greg Smith. Quite awhile ago we were in a band together.  We played around the San Francisco area and put out a record, Temptation, with a small indy label with producer and guitarist extraordinaire, John Rewind.  The band eventually found its self in Los Angeles only holly_blue_grunge_smto later see members going their separate ways. A few years later Greg, John and I joined up again and completed another studio album called The Valiant Years.  Around that same time we started families which required most of our attention, but we would get together and play from time-to-time.   A few years ago we decided we missed playing and started writing songs together which turned into 10 new songs and a new release called Follow.   We wrote all the music, most of the words — with help on a few of the songs lyrics from Beth Cramer and Lana Renee Carbonneau, and played all instruments, recorded and produced it. It was really fun, kind of hard sometimes, a bit tiring, but a great experience creating new music for ourselves. Thanks, for visiting and play it loud!